Football’s World Metrosexual XI: Beckham is out

David James1.jpg
D James (Portsmouth, England)
Sergio Ramos.jpggianluca zambrotta.jpg
ashley cole.jpgrio ferdinand.jpg
S Ramos (Real Madrid, Spain) G Zambrotta (Barcelona, Italy)
A Cole (Arsenal, England), R Ferdinand (Man United, England)
cristiano ronaldo1.jpgFreddieLjungberg(CK).jpg
C Ronaldo,(Man Utd, Portugal), F Ljungberg (Arsenal, Sweden)
Kaka (AC Milan, Brazil), H Nakata (Bolton Wanderers, Japan)
andriy shevchenko.jpg
D Cisse (Marseille, France), A Shevchenko (Chelsea, Ukraine)
We did not choose this XI just on the basis of their metrosexuality; these guys don’t just smell or look good, they play a decent game of football. On that account Becks does not make it to the team. Sorry.

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6 comments on “Football’s World Metrosexual XI: Beckham is out
  1. Shourin,
    Forgive an old crabby guy, but I’m losing sight of why “identifying the world’s soccer metrosexuals” is relevant.

  2. When I was in college, we called it the GQ look, what Rio has got. Maybe it’s not right to categorise every little thing as being “Metrosexual”!

  3. Are we charging Sandra for viewing these pics? I’ll bet we can make a quid or two! :)
    Just Kidding, Sandra…

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