Frank Lampard misses with this one too

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What is with these football players? All of them seem to be in self confessional mode. A book by Ashley Cole where he spills the beans on Arsenal and Arsene’s obscene behaviour towards him and had him running off to find solace in Roman Abramovich’s bottomless coffers. Then Wayne Rooney writes a book about how he really is a sensitive, retiring type interested in the fine arts and that the Rooney you saw stomping Ricardo Carvalho’s jewels was an aberration.
A sample of Rooney’s literary talent, “My own England debut, yeah, that was good. I’ll always remember it. And my Everton debut, that was good too. . .” He does have a way with words.
The latest to jump on the bandwagon, Frank Lampard. His book describes how he really is not that rich, not in the Abramovichesque way, and that really sucks. He came to this conclusion after spending a fortnight on Abramovich’s yacht. “I suppose people imagine that as a Premiership footballer, my life is quite special,” he hazards. “I would agree, but those two weeks opened my eyes to another world.”
I am glad that we see these guys on the field and not in a writing class. That would be really painful. These books don’t come cheap. Lampard’s effort costs £18.99, Rooney’s ruminations £17.99, and Cole’s expose, £18.99, as listed prices.
It has been a busy season for Marina Hyde >>

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  1. omg frank lampard is sooooooooo b.u.m i love him so much and i dont really know alot about chealse well i dont no anything the only player i no is you xx lol xx welli really want to meet you.
    I have scoliosis its a curved and twisted spine and this means i have to have operations every 6 to 8 months to straighten my spine. I have two titanium rods in my back and i just wanted to no weather you could write back to me and meet me. please i only want one thing and that is to meet you and you give me one of your chealse shirts signed please :)it would make my dream come true xx

  2. i love u sooooooooooooooooo
    u are absolutly gorgeous and i love u to bits x x
    i really want to meet u x
    all my love hollie xx

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