Hollywood calling the Beckhams: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

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David Beckham and Tom Cruise are good buddies
“Having my baby.” Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have unveiled their child, Suri after 4 months. And amongst the many celebrities invited, were the Beckhams.
A source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “David and Victoria are honoured that Tom and Katie have asked them along.
“However they were a little shocked by the list of rules they?ll have to follow.
“Apparently they can’t take any photographic equipment, they’re banned from touching Suri and they’re not allowed to do any baby-talk around her.
“It will be very difficult for Victoria, because she just loves babies and is trying for a daughter with David at the moment.”
The Top Gun star is a devout follower of Scientology which does not allow cooing over babies as they believe it may effect their development. Tom and Katie befriended the Beckhams at a football match last year. Former Spice Girl Victoria – who has three sons with soccer star David – reportedly gave Katie advice while she was pregnant.
Now does not this say that Beckham would be better off playing for a MLS club. Posh can give parenting advice to Katie Holmes, while Tom Cruise can give Scientology tips to Beckham.
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