Man U misses the bus again: Vieira signs with Inter

After all Man U’s huffing and puffing and reported interest in Patrick Vieira, finally Inter bags him. I don’t think there was a shot in hell that Vieira would try and vend his way back to the English League.
Meanwhile it is not only Ashley Cole who is the only player that Chelsea is being accused of ‘tapping up’ . Ken Bates, Leeds Utd chairman is accusing Chelsea of approaching three of his players without the knowledge of his club. He is furious and wants Chelsea to face Serie type of punishments, including deduction of points, disbarment from European championships, and the banning of registration of new players. He knows the money that Chelsea has, any fines will be considered a mild slap on the wrist.
Jose Mourinho has issued his” Liverpool, watch out we don’t consider you as good as Man U and Arsenal”, thereby signalling that he is deeply worried that Chelsea will come a cropper this year and the Reds are going to do them in. I wish Chelsea is relegated this year. Won’t happen but I hope Watford pounds them.
Meanwhile Fergie’s ready to blow millions of quid on a Roy Keane fantasy continues >>

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