Michael Essien on his way out from Chelsea?

Michael Essien played in the Ghana-Togo friendly, that the Black Stars won 2-0, largely due to the efforts of captain Stephen Appiah. What is suprising is that Essien played with a broken wrist sustained in the Blues loss to Liverpool in the FA Community Shield, a few days ago. A non season ending injury but one that could get worse as the season progresses with the number of collisions. A micro-managing coach like Jose Mourinho so concerned about the health of his players that he sat Claude Makelele and Joe Cole out, means one thing, these two are more important to Mourinho’s scheme. It was a friendly that Ghana played, not a qualifying match for the Africa Cup or World Cup! Adebayor did not even show up for this match for Togo. Mourinho wants his boys sharp for the Premiership by letting an injured player play a friendly! Would you do that if you were serious about your player? It is because you have a wealth of riches.
Lets face it. Chelsea has Michael Ballack, Claude Makelele, and now Obi John Mikel, who can all play holding midfielder. Claude Makelele is the one holding anchor essential to Mourinho, so he won’t see time on the bench. Frank Lampard and Arjen Robben, will be right behind Drogba and Shevchenko, to provide the ammo. You can see Mourinho’s need for speed. Consider this, Mourinho has jettisoned players of the caliber of Duff, Crespo, Del Horno, Gudjohnsen, and Jarosik all in one season. Players that would be considered indispensable to other clubs. If Mourinho rethinks his 4-5-1 to a 4-4-2, to accomodate both Sheva and Drogba, then Essien’s chances at first team virtually become nil.
Either way, Michael Essien will have to be prepared to spend a lot more time on the bench than the four games last season. It depends on how much he is willing to put up as a utility player. I think he is far too good for that and he should be reading rightly that he is less essential to Mourinho. I think the Magpies would love to have him.

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26 comments on “Michael Essien on his way out from Chelsea?
  1. “The world’s leading [football] blog”? You’re having a laugh, right?
    Once again NewsNow links to ill-informed nonsense.

  2. Awful; at least quote some usefull information, as a player of Essiens calibre wont just up and leave, especially as he made Chelsea pay 24 million for his services
    Try short stories for kids….

  3. Sorry. Agree with the previous posters. Your logic is pretty flawed here. Mikel uis not a holding player, he’s an attacking midfielder or a deep-lying playmaker. Chelsea’s system depends on an out-and-out holding midfielder. Makelele first, then Essien, then Diarra. As Makelele is approaching the end of his career and Essien and Diarra are 23 and 21 respectively, there’s no reason for them to worry.

  4. Only crazy managers stock 6 midfielders! Maureen is tactically empty, so he tries what might work!! Essien wont even warm the bench half the games you will play!

  5. a small bone is broken, and, in pre-season he has been one of the best players, as he was at the world cup, and, he played for his country because he has pride. J.Cole is out for a good few weeks and Makelele only started training a week ago. i suggest you get a new job.

  6. in any way,you seem very sentimental.Do you have some personal problems with essien? for your info. I always pray for him and I believe he will continue to be one of the best in the world.By the way,can you please give me his e-mail address? at least to make things better .

  7. I think Michael Essien is a great football player and deserves the best as one of chelsea’s key players

  8. Michael should leave chelsea for Barca or Ac milan or other champions league traditional team, if he wants to be a champions league winner

  9. I think micheal essien is the best number six(6)man in the world. His only problem, is in forty-sixty passes, whenever he looses the ball,he tackle badly. Jon Obi Mikel and Makelele are all good players but Essiens absence in midfied is greatly felt when made to play at defence because of injury. Is it anything in football that Essien cannot do?

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