Pascal Chimbonda: Is his price worth it?

Wigan just paid £5.5 m pounds for Emile Heskey and now they want to recoup that by dangling Pascal Chimbonda to the Spurs for £6m. Wigan just shot themselves in the foot by asking that much. An underperforming, overweight, and chronically injured striker and an unhappy defender. The cup runneth over.
Chimbonda’s value has appreciated 12 times since joining WIgan but he is unhappy in the club and wants to leave for a top flight club. He would do very well in White Hart Lane. But £6m is a bit much. Chimbonda had made his departure an issue since January.
Meanwhile William Gallas is on the chopping block and he may part company with Chelsea. Gallas’s first priority is to join the French league but this could be Arsenal’s big moment. Gallas did not report for the American tour and Mourinho had some strong words, “”It’s not only me that is upset – we’re all upset,” Mourinho said. “Everybody is upset because we had a strong family and a strong group and this has shown a lack of respect to everybody and I don’t like that.”
Aston Villa has settled on its new manager, and it is Martin O’Neill, former Celtics coach but the consortium taking over the club still seems to be very much up in the air >>

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