Thaksin Shinawatra: Remember me, Liverpool FC!

Writing the article about Liverpool’s finances reminded me of those days when everyone was going nuts about the reported Reds buyout by the Thai government in 2004. The Moores were planning to sell 30% of their stake to Thaksin Shinawatra, the billionaire PM of Thailand. OK, he is not right now their PM because he did some naughty things like not pay the income tax on selling off his billion dollar holdings and the Thais righteously refused to let that one go. So it was off with him and his ill gotten gains.
Yep, at this point having the Reds as his team would have been good for Thaksin’s fortunes and the Reds would have some fancy money to throw at those Serie players. According to sources there are more than a million Liverpool supporters in Thailand. That is a lot of votes.
But the Kops are probably saying, ” We are doing quite alright, thank you very much.”

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3 comments on “Thaksin Shinawatra: Remember me, Liverpool FC!
  1. At that time, reports in Thai were saying that he wanted the public to fund the purchase. He, with the billions he had, didn’t have the confidence to buy it on his own.
    The deal was off and I am personally glad it was. His ulterior motives were not known but with the problems he’s had now, he would have dragged LFC into the chaos.
    So good riddance.

  2. Firstly, Thaksin is the “Caretaker” Prime Minister of Thailand. This means he is effectively still in charge until the next election, when anybody’s guess.
    Second, he probably has very little intent to buy the 30 percent off the Moore but got the objective of publicising himself with the run of non-event.
    Third, the Thais supporters are flippant and throw their lots with the Champs. So, for a while, there were loads of Manu supporters when the Red Devils were riding high, probably Chelski now and may be Pool when we win the League again.
    sunny Singapore

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