Video: Ben Thatcher’s a Moron!

How else do you describe this?
One word, to quote John McEnroe: “Moron!”
Manchester City has suspended the moron pending an internal investigation. The FA and Greater Manchester police are also investigating the incident.
Mendes spent a night in Manchester Royal Infirmary after suffering a fit after Thatcher’s elbow caught him across the jaw and sent him crashing into advertising hoardings by the side of the pitch at Eastlands. Mendes lost consciousness while he was being treated and, after a brain scan and other treatment, will continue under medical and neurological supervision for the next several days.
It’s time to come down hard on the morons of the game… all Thatcher got on the pitch was a yellow card.
Zidane would’ve flattened him w/ a headbutt… :-)

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2 comments on “Video: Ben Thatcher’s a Moron!
  1. This makes Zidane’s headbutt look like a peck on the cheek. But a couple of billion people weren’t watching it so it won’t get as much attention. Kudos to the English fans sitting close to where it happened. They were so shocked and horrified by what they saw (Mendes’ body twitching uncontrollably and going unconscious) that some of them whipped out their cell phones and called the police. That’s the only reason the cops are investigating the incident.

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