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  1. Hello, I’ve been reading this site since the start of the World Cup, it’s a terrific site. However, I’ve wanted to send you a general question about online resources for soccer/footall information and other stuff and I can’t seem to find any “contact me” link on this site. So I’m putting this message here, I hope that’s ok. I’ve been trying to find out if there’s a site of sites where I can find out the answers to specific historical questions about the sport and about certain players. Questions about the history of friendly games, for example – like “has real madrid ever played any friendly matches in the US before this year and did guys like Zidane or Ronaldo ever play in them?” Or questions like “how many times have Italy and Brazil in total – not just World Cups but friendlies and other international competitions?” Is there any kind of resource I can go to with questions like that?
    By the way, you do a fabulous job with this site. And I just have to put this comment in: a month after the end of the World Cup and I’m still upset about what happened with Zidane. I’ve been watching international football since I was 8 years old in 1968 (I’m Brazilian), including every World Cup. I’ve been shocked and upset before – Brazil’s 1998 humiliation was pretty depressing. But I got over it quickly enuf. Not this time. I just can’t get over the feeling that something very very wrong happened in the final with Italy.
    And just so I’m not completely offtopic, I completely agree about Aaron Lennon! As with Robinho and the other younger Brazilian players, the moment I saw Lennon appear at the World Cup I thought England was saddled with the same sort of clueless unforgivable coaching that Brazil was. I was desperate to see more Lennon on the pitch! He’s much more interesting to watch then the overhyped Rooney.

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