Arsenal at Old Trafford: Better than playing at the Emirates

At this point Arsenal is still seeking its first win of the season and ranked 17th in the Premiership table, exactly 16 places below top Portsmouth!! The best news is that Arsenal will not be playing at the Emirates Stadium. Their new home has not been auspicious for the Gunners, having to settle for draws against Villa in the season opener and then fending of Boro.
Arsenal has been the prettiest team in the Premiership. Breathtaking passing orchestrated by little maestro Cesc Fabregas. It’s like licking a goodtasting lolly. It goes down well but there is nothing left at the end of the stick. Pretty does not mean goals.
They don’t have a punishing striker like Drogba who can carry two defenders on his back and score a goal. Arsenal for better or worse is a finesse team. It is time to bring Julio Baptista of the bench and inflict some pain. A win at the cost of some injury time to the Devils will be well worth it.
Where do the Gunners look to, to beat up on the next team? Portsmouth (Oops! We forgot they are not at the bottom, and they have that guy called Kanu. Did he not play for us, at some point?). There is Everton. We can clobber them (Reality check: They have a player called Andy Johnson, who is leading the league with 5 goals). What about the other side of London? West Ham. (Nope. They have Zamora and those boys who are not crying Argentina). There is always those relegation teams. Watford, Sheffield Utd, and Reading. Arsene says that Reading is about 7 places higher than we are. How did that happen!!!! Well, unlike Arsene Wenger, Steve Copell believes that the amount of passing that we do should lead to a goal.
I don’t know if even Arsenal will be able to extricate themselves out of this, if they lose to Man Utd. Arsene may have to read up Alice in Wonderland and call upon the Mad Hatter, to resucitate Arsenal’s season.

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3 comments on “Arsenal at Old Trafford: Better than playing at the Emirates
  1. A team without one English player and hence lacking the backbone of previous great Arsenal teams. Find a new Adams, Dixon and Wright and build from there. I too loved some of the passing and movement your team produced, especially from last years CL, but it seems their resilience in that competition came from an inspired belief and confidence, not a developed talent and competence.
    The team was carried a long way last year by one man, Henry, and now is showing it’s deficiencies. Henry loved the responsibility he took on as team captain but very obviously tired from last season’s efforts. Wenger needs to find more leaders and workhorses in his team so as to develop the obvious potential into real class- and they need to be British.
    This coming from a Manchester United fan, but one who will always appreciate good football and good football teams!

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