Mad as a Blatter ?

Blatter’s latest idea about scrapping penalty shootouts may be considered to be one of his better ideas.He has made some loony suggestions in the past – notable among them was a suggestion to make the goals bigger to make life more difficult for goalkeepers.
Nick Miller writing in Sporting Life has a collection of some other possible creative innovations Blatter may have come up with to make football more interesting and entertaining !
Some of the innovations…..
* As we all know, Sepp is always trying to make football more inclusive and more representative of the world. Therefore, because the world is in fact 70% ocean, logic states that a World Cup must soon be held on the high seas. Before awarding the 2010 tournament to South Africa, Sepp was entertaining secret bids from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, as well as the Persian Gulf and the North Sea. The idea was only shelved after concerns that advertising boards would get soggy.
* Sepp came to the realisation that if football was to be considered a truly global game, it must represent all the world’s inhabitants, not just humans. Therefore, a different animal would be allocated to each team qualifying for the World Cup, based on a handicap system. So, while Brazil would get a chicken for the midfield holding role, minnows like Saudi Arabia would be given a giant octopus to play in goal. If the rule had been enforced in Germany Sven would have been gifted a whale to “park the bus” after we’d gone 1-0 up.
The rest of his suggestions are here

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