South Africa Will Not Host the World Cup

We’ve been hearing reports about the violence in South Africa from our readers for some time now. It seems there’s an epidemic of violent crime raging across the country. That’s bad enough, but now, I think this news will end South Africa’s World Cup hosting chances unless the government wakes up.
I’m talking about the new XTB strain, a virulent form of tuberculosis which has no known treatment. This thing wiped out 52 of 53 HIV-positive patients within 16 days in eastern KwaZulu-Natal province. Wow.
The world community better get on top of this – it’s a bigger threat than the “war on terror.”
Sadly, the South African Health Minister – Manto Tshabalala-Msimang – is an utter idiot.
After watching her on Nightline a few weeks ago, I was left shaking my head.
She was advocating fresh vegetables as an antidote to HIV-AIDS. See this story.
What’s more, Nightline revealed that the health minister and her bosses in the ANC were getting their misinformation from a quack doctor from the USA.
Barack Obama is trying.
The US administration is not. And it’s going to come back to hurt us all – if this TB thing isn’t contained.

4 comments on “South Africa Will Not Host the World Cup
  1. Hi,
    I am a South African living in Johannesburg and your article echo’s the sentiments of all intelligent South Africans here. We are not able to hold a competition the size of the world cup but besides that the violence here is so rife that i would not recommend any supporters to risk their lives – yes their lives – as it’s the tourists who will be targeted. Here they kill you for your cellphone and if you are not streetwise – dont come. Along with the crime we do not have the necessary improvements completed on our roads, hotels, stadiums, airports etc…. the list is endless. It was a political decision and it will back fire horribly on UEFA and the South African public – PLEASE GIVE IT TO AUSTRALIA!!!!!

  2. f*** both of you. you pose to post a intelligent take on a complex situation. in one foul sweep you combine crime and HIV/Aids; journalistic genious low blow to pry on peoples sensitivities. let me remind you that HIV/Aids is a sexually transmitted disease not from touching or inhaling the air of a country with a high infection rate. Let me tell you something else; South Africa is probably one of the safest places to be in global terms of violence at the moment. Our government isn’t invading other countries, involved in tiffs about rights to develop nuclear weapons. So both of you: shut it.
    as for the South African from Johannesburg; you’re an embarressmant to the country – robert f*** off to Australia.
    peace| see you 2010

  3. Now listen here Mark, the correct saying is, “a one fell sweep”. Furthermore, I certainly will not be coming to South Africa if they all use naughty words like the one I found in the final sentence of your comment.

  4. Peace? Stop dreaming – the incompetence of this country is laughable, first world countries to handle the world cup only.

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