Real going to sell Beckham ?

Capello gave Beckham his second start in eight games and he provided the freekick which led to the opening goal against Ecija in the opening leg of their Copa del Rey clash yesterday.Real were held to a 1 -1 draw.
There’s a rumour that Real Madrid are going to sell David Beckham in January’s transfer window.

One comment on “Real going to sell Beckham ?
  1. Being picked to play in the Copa del Rey means you’re definitely not in the manager’s plans for the main competitions (at least not as a starter)
    However, I suspect all these rumours about leaving in January are part of the back and forth in the negotiations over Beckham’s contract. If what he wants is to win titles, there’s only a handful of teams in Europe that can fulfil that ambition. He clearly does not ‘travel well’ and I don’t see him uprooting his family and moving to a non-English-speaking country, so the only option is to move back to the Premiership to Man U, Arsenal or Chelsea, or to go to the MLS and make another pile of money there, trading on his image before it declines completely.
    Would Man U, Arsenal or Chelsea find a place in their starting line-up for David Beckham? I suspect not. I expect him to sign for another year or two, and then move to the U.S.
    We’ll know more in 3 months or so…

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