Rush Limbaugh, Michael J Fox, and football fakers

Having Rush Limbaugh go berserk with rage at Michael J Fox for faking his symptoms of his disease in an ad supporting Democratic challenger Claire McCaskill, one knows that Rush has never seen a Parkinson’s Disease patient. I work in a hospital where one of my patients has intractable tremors that are controlled for a few hours through medication, a side effect of long standing anti-Parkinson’s drug therapy. Michael J Fox was doing what many in his position would do, try and make a point that there is a potentially efficacious treatment that could save many like him the agony of a crippling disease like Parkinson’s. This needs federal granting, something the present Bush administration has been loath to do so.
Which brings us back to Rush Limbaugh – what if Rush was given the job of color commentator for FSC? He could go on a tirade every time Didier Drogba took a dive, or Javier Mascherano fell clutching his face in agony when nibbled on his shoulder by Jermaine Defoe (that was truly bizarre, that one!), or at the entire Italian team rolling on the field, rather than playing football. Now that would be to the point and with 10 million dittoheads who listen to him and his radio program, FIFA would have to change the rules in a hurry. Rush, save your rage for the real fakers, the ones in football!
On second thoughts, that would not be such a good idea. I don’t think Rush has seen football and if his comments on Donovan McNabb are anything to go by, it is best that he not say anything at all. Football would turn out to be, should we say….. too multicultural for a bigot like Limbaugh.

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