“To be alive is a bit lucky ” and more Mourinho quotes

Mourinho -after losing 2 goalkeepers.
“The second one, Carlo, I think is a consequence of the way he hit the ground, but the first one, with what Petr has, I’m not sure if he’s a Catholic, but … to be alive is a bit lucky,” Mourinho said. “I think it was that bad.”
“A broken leg is one thing and a broken arm is another but an injury to your head is a different matter.”
“If Petr Cech’s mother knows he has a broken leg she is upset but not that worried. When family people know he has lost consciousness she starts to worry about it.”
“For me the second one is a fall, a violent fall, but should have just been a yellow card and a free kick to us.”
“The first one was unbelievable. The goalkeeper gets the ball and he slides and then Stephen Hunt cannot go for the ball so he goes with his knee onto his face.”
“If Cech has not broke any bones in his face he is a lucky boy. He was completely knocked out and went straight to hospital.” “I am not saying the intention was to send my keeper to hospital. I believe footballers but it was a very stupid challenge and when he came back to the half-way line he was laughing and showing no concern for my player.”

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