Where is Shourin Roy?

For those of you who are asking that question, relax. He’s busy with an off-off-broadway play for alteregoproductions
They’re doing a production of “A First Class Man,” a dramatization based on the story of the mathematicians Ramanujan and G H Hardy. It’s set in South India, Cambridge, and London during the First World War. Ramanujan was an untutored genius and a mystic who believed his formulae came to him through prayer. Hardy was an atheist, a mandarin of Trinity College, Cambridge, and a leading mathematician of the day. He brought Ramanujan to Cambridge and together they did significant work. The alliance changed both men in unexpected ways. The central themes of the play are faith versus reason and the difficulty of being an outsider in a closed society.
Great stuff, I’m sure.
If you’re in NY, check it out >>

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