Ferenc Puskas: A player with a supernatural left foot and an imprudent generosity

El Pais has a beautiful little article on how Real team mates and opponents alike remember Puskas. Gento, Stefano, Pachín, and Pantaleón remember a player with a supernatural left foot and an imprudent generosity.
In fact, Puskas led La Liga in 4 out of the five seasons he played for Real Madrid. In his first season with Real he was tied with Stefano with 21 goals but in the last match against Granada, he knowingly did not score even though he had the opportunity, waiting to pass the ball to Stefano, who scored and became the league’s top scorer.
Stefano had this to say, “He was a better person than a player. And as a player he was extraordinary.” Puskas was also incredibly generous and as Stefano puts it, “he had a hole in his hand” and lost his fortune. In fact, Puskas returned to Hungary broke and lived a hand to mouth existence.
Gento, who was Puskas room mate remembers how he was constantly amazed at the speed of the Hungarian. He had the most agile of feet. He remembers throwing a wet bar of soap at Puskas who with stunning speed cushioned the soap with his foot and then dribbled tac-tac-tac…”.

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