Sheringham scores off the field too: Meet Danielle Lloyd

Teddy Sheringham seems to be having the time of his life. At 40 years he is leading West Ham with a revival after its celebrated Argentinian stars Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano, a generation younger to him seem to have crashed and burned.
When he is not scoring for West Ham, he is shacking up with Danielle Lloyd, the 20 year old Miss Great Britain who had her title stripped following the disclosure of her relationship with Teddy Sheringham, two months before the Miss GB contest, a violation of the rules. In an interview with Eve magazine Lloyd, gushed that Sheringham had given her a pair of Jimmy Choo’s on Xmas morning that set the midfielder back, about 7000 quid. Lloyd had previously claimed that the affair began in February, on the night of the beauty pageant.
Maybe she is leading Teddy’s revival. At 7000 quid it is a small price to pay if it keeps West Ham in the hunt for respectability. George Best would have approved!
Here is a video clip of Danielle Lloyd >>

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2 comments on “Sheringham scores off the field too: Meet Danielle Lloyd
  1. I think Teddy Sheringham is one lucky B…….d having a bird like that at his age! no wonder he can play 90 minutes of football at 40 when he has her to go home to, stuff the title and crown who cares as long as we can continue to see her in the press and if you have’nt seen her pics yet in playboy they are definately worth a look! HOT IS NOT THE WORD!!!!!! If you ever get bored with a forty year old you can always try a 25 year old! and my dad said you can also go higher and try a 63 year old! Pucker Top Bird

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