Alan Curbishley faces an acid test against Man Utd

Alan Curbishley, West Ham’s new manager faces a giant hurdle tomorrow when they face Premiership leaders Manchester United. Curbishley is hoping he can more consistency from Nigel Reo Coker who disappeared this season under Pardew’s watch.
The way Man Utd has been demolishing the opposition, a draw against them would mean a victory for Curbishley and the beleaguered Hammers. Curbishley’s priority is to put space between them and the laggards in the Premiership escaping relegation woes.
A new coach, a new owner, new players, and in the near future a new stadium. Never has the future held more promise for the Hammers.

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One comment on “Alan Curbishley faces an acid test against Man Utd
  1. I have to concur with what I read it at the Beeb; Charlton yo-yoed between the Cola-Ship and EPL with Curbishley, the Addicks would probably like to have Curbs back. Good luck to him; but ah, they shoulda kept Pards a while longer, he did a lot for WHU.

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