Ashley Cole finds an ally in Wenger

Irate Arsenal Fans were supposedly going to greet Chelsea’s Ashley (Cashley) Cole with a shower of such fake £20 notes when he faces his former club Arsenal on Sunday.The notes are marked Bank of Russia and are ‘signed’ by Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon .
Wenger is doing his bit to pour oil over the troubled waters by speaking in defence of Cole. “He has gone to Chelsea in special circumstances that have been talked about a lot. But don’t forget he did well at this club and you must respect that. We already appreciate what he has done for the club and what the club has done for him, but sometimes you have disagreements with people.”
And the cops are going to have to be on their toes to ensure that things don’t get out of hand.

2 comments on “Ashley Cole finds an ally in Wenger
  1. i think that the fans need to get over it. They lost a clutch player. A player that felt he was overshadowed. He did not get the praise he deserved. He is where he wants. The fans and the club should respect that.

  2. Chelsea fans were far FAR worse than Arsenal fans at the match. They shouted vile chants about Wenger (“pedophile,” “rapist”). At one point the camera focused on one Chelski supporter whose face was contorted in hate/rage shouting at Lehmann “c-nt! c-nt! c-nt!” Charming people.

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