BBC Panorama, Dec 10: Andrew Jennings buttonholes Jack Warner

Those who enjoyed Andrew Jennings expose the corruption in FIFA starting with Sepp Blatter’s secret payout of £1m worth of bribes pocketed by football officials, the ISL company’s bribery of FIFA officials over two decades, and the World Cup ticket scams by the FIFA Vice President Jack Warner in his program The Beautiful Bung: Corruption and the World Cup aired on BBC Panorama, June 11, 2006, are in for a treat because Andrew is at it again, exposing corruption on What Happened Next on Panorama, 10 December 2006.
In this Panorama story, Andrew Jennings finds Jack Warner to ask him about the FIFA investigation. FIFA has closed the investigation and has issued a mild rebuke to Warner.
Transcript of The Beautiful Bung:
JENNINGS: I just wanted to put a question to you now because some of your press people don’t let me get in, they bar me. What I would like to ask.. let me just ask you this. Do you know which football officials took bribes from the ISL marketing company? BLATTER: No, sorry, I don’t speak about that.
Andrew says that the video and the transcript should be available a few days later on the BBC Panorama website. Feedback is welcome from all those concerned about the well being of the beautiful game.
For those holiday shoppers, please consider buying Andrew’s book: Foul! The Secret World of
FIFA:Bribes, Vote-rigging and Ticket Scandals. (Harper Sport £12.99)

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