Klinsmann’s decision reflects a political reality

A German soccer fan expressed his delight when Klinsmann turned down the USA job. I think he along with thousands of Klinsmann fans are celebrating that decision. Klinsmann it is conjectured turned down the decision because he was unhappy with how little autonomy US Soccer gave their players. This was inimical to his personal philosophy. In his biography he declares ”No one can tell me, ‘do this or do that.’ I am free. I’m my own man.” In the end it may have influenced his decision to call off coaching the US team. We will never know the real truth as Sunil Gulati refuses to get into the details.
There maybe another equally plausible reason. In Western Europe, the Germans have the most unfavorable opinion of the USA. What we saw in the World Cup was Klinsmann lead a German team that about 10% of the population had given a chance winning the World Cup. He was hated and derided by the Bayern Munich cabal of Beckenbauer, Hoeness, and Magath. By the end of the World Cup, Klinsmann was a hero. It was cool to be emotional, wave the German flag, and sing patriotic songs; all overt celebrations of German pride because of what he had done with the German team.
Now why would he undo that once in a lifetime feeling by coaching the national team of a country towards which Germans harbour a strong antipathy? This is different from welcoming the US team to Germany during the World Cup or even having American players playing in the Bundesliga.
By turning down the USA job, Klinsmann has enhanced his stature in Germany which has led to even more clamors for him to coach again. There are reports that he maybe interested. This time around when he commands “Jump.” Beckenbauer will say, “How high?”

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