Sir Alex questions Adu’s temperament: Read talent

At the end of the two week training camp at Man Utd, Sir Alex Ferguson had decidedly cooled on the lad’s chances.
Fergie reportedly had concerns regarding Adu’s temperament. Read between the lines. When you have Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, the last thing you should bring up is temperament. One of them can’t distinguish between a football and testicles and the other is instrumental in getting the other one sent off because he can’t distinguish between a football and testicles. He then proceeds to wink, a gesture captured by cameras all around the world. Worse, both of them are team mates in the same club and play together in the forthcoming Premiership season. Both players provided the second most downloaded highlight of the World Cup, next to Zidane’s immortal headbutt of Materazzi. The inescapable fact: Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo’s talent as football players far outweigh their shortcomings in temperament.
Sir Alex was in fact expressing his doubts about Adu’s talent.

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4 comments on “Sir Alex questions Adu’s temperament: Read talent
  1. You may well be right that Sir Alex cooled a bit on the young Ghanaian, it came off that way a bit to me too but would one bet on it?
    I wonder about Alexei Lalas questioning Freddy’s height. As a benchmark, both Pele and Maradona were something like 5’7″ and 5’8″. Could this be a factor whereas Lalas was saying that Freddy might be too short for the EPL?

  2. Trucker
    I don’t think so. The EPL has its Peter Crouch and it also has its Paul Scholes and Aaron Lennon too. I think Adu was really not upto the mark.

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