Video: Paulino Alcantara: First Asian to play for a European club

Paulino Alcantara, of Phillipino heritage, born in Iloilo City, Phillipines debuted for Barcelona FC in 1912 going onto score 356 goals in 357 games making him Barca’s all time goal scoring leader. He also played for Spain, Phillipines, as well as the Catalan XI.

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5 comments on “Video: Paulino Alcantara: First Asian to play for a European club
  1. Great story and video, all the more remarkable, because it doesn’t appear that football/soccer is as major a sport in the Phillipines as in some other countries. I don’t readily find a team of the Phillipines participating in the Asian games. Baseball seems to be the most popular sport there. Surely, Paulino Alcantara may reflect a Spanish influence.

  2. Trucker
    You are right. Paulino Alcantara was a mestizo. He was born to a Spanish father and a Phillipino mother.
    The Phillipines have long declined in status in soccer even by Asian standards.

  3. Paulino Alcantara was born in Iloilo (Central part of the Philippines). Football play is well know and popular in this Province.

  4. To those sports administrators and football coaches in the Philippines reading this, please share this with your students. This is such precious information for those wanting to bring back the glory of Philippine football.

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