Arsenal dump Liverpool out of Carling Cup

Arsenal has been giving Liverpool a hard time of late.Having dumped them out of the FA cup a couple of days back they have now proceeded to dump them out of the Carling Cup as well.Very convincingly too .The final score was 6 -3

Julio Baptista missed a penalty but scored four goals anyway.Jeremie Aliadiere and Alexandre Song scored the other two…Read more…
The last time Liverpool lost at Anfield by a margin of 6 goals was in 1914 ( This- some Liverpool fans will say – is what actually led to the starting of the First World War…..!)
Liverpool fans however may be able to take some consolation in the fact that this was not their darkest hour.Worse defeats are chronicled here.

One comment on “Arsenal dump Liverpool out of Carling Cup
  1. WICKED would have loved to see some of the build up to each goal as well but many thanks u have made a gooner in exile down under very happy

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