Becks transfer: The invasion of the Brit tabloids

One of the most unsavoury fallouts of the Beckham transfer will be the hard nosed, trashy, and invasive journalism that So Cal will be subjected to, now that the Becks and Posh show moves to Hollywood. Brit tabloids like The Sun and The Daily Mirror put the National Enquirer in the shade. The LA Times reports that these tabloids are seriously considering opening west coast operations.
Meanwhile, the British tabloids are gearing up to spend a fortune with agencies such as X17, and some are even considering sending correspondents to Los Angeles.
The Sun is already reporting that Hefner has approached Posh for a Playboy spread. Not that is news. If Mother Teresa were curvy, Hefner would have gone after her too.
Gear up people, this is everything except the fallacious anointing of the saviour of soccer in the US.

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One comment on “Becks transfer: The invasion of the Brit tabloids
  1. Since Beckham is still even, your teenage idol type; I sure hope Posh would never do something like that, she dresses skimpy but a dang photo shoot; and she’s got her kids too. I really hope she would not do this, I think it would tend to alienate people. My prediction is that when the next Enquirer or Globe come out, they’ll probably have something on Becks. I wouldn’t think he’d be on the cover of Time or Newsweek but I’d say, he’ll be on the cover of the next People; of course, I only see these magazines in the market.

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