Hiddink is not coming to Chelsea: Lets bury this

The same tired rumours are trotted out time and time again. Jose Mourinho’s fate lies in the hands of Roman Abramovich and his desire to see Chelsea win the Champions cup or at the least a third consecutive Premiership. If this does not happen, Mourinho will be replaced by Guus Hiddink at the end of the season.
As desirable as this is to Abramovich, his world does not revolve around these championships only. More importantly to Abramovich is his reputation as the only prominent oligarch who can travel with impunity between Russia and England and one who actually enjoys a good relationship with Russian president Vladimir Putin. His sale of a majority of Sibneft, his energy trading company to the state owned Gazprom is cited as an example of his good faith gestures to Putin and a reason that he has escaped a similar fate of imprisonment that befell fellow oligarch Mikhail Khodorovsky. In fact, Abramovich’s time in Russia is spent in a careful orchestration of building up his image as someone who has the ear and goodwill of the Russians. His tenure as governor of Chukotka province was utilized in a massive building of infrastructure including preschools, a hospital, and an airport. Putin got him reappointed as governor of Chukotka because of this good work.
Guus Hiddink’s signing on as coach of the Russian team was the result of Abramovich wooing him to Moscow and it is reported that Hiddink’s fees are being underwritten by Abramovich. Under Hiddink the Russians are solidly in position to qualify for Euro 2008. The Russians have been in the wilderness in world soccer for more than a decade now and Hiddink represents one of their best chances to reclaim their prestige. Hiddink still has more than two years on his contract. To cut short Hiddink’s contract and bring him to Chelsea is a shortsighted tactic and Abramovich is too canny an operator not to recognize that. A Russian victory at Euro 2008 might seem like a pipedream but if there is anyone who can take them there it is Guus Hiddink. The love of a whole nation or that of the spoiled fans at Stamford Bridge? You would have to be seriously touched in the head to pass up that opportunity.

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3 comments on “Hiddink is not coming to Chelsea: Lets bury this
  1. It is nice to see some one for a change with a bit of brain in his skull. RA does not gather a huge wealth to let it spoiled based on few lies and race superiority exercised by British tabloids.

  2. i think youll find abramovich didnt want to be reappointed by putin and i dont think russia are in a very solid position at all, one or 2 crucial loses and they’re gone

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