Liverpool FC: A tale of two clubs

There seems to be two Liverpool sides that show up at Premiership games. The home team that has scored 23 goals and won 9 games and more impressively just given away a league low 3 goals. Then there is the away team that has scored just 9 goals, given away 13, and won a dismal 3 games. Liverpool has the worst away performance in relation to the big four and its road record is the same as relegation zone Wigan with one more loss.
What accounts for this split personality performance? Teams always do better at home but the contrast in Liverpool’s performance is stark. With the second half of the season underway, it is only going to get tougher as clubs start fighting to get out of relegation. Liverpool have started playing better as in the last six away games they have scored their three wins. But Luis Garcia is out and his attacking midfield capability with proven scoring will be missed.

One comment on “Liverpool FC: A tale of two clubs
  1. Who will miss the frustrating Garcia? – I will certainly not! No one looses more balls than Garcia, and his workrate is embarrassing.
    Lets hope Kewell returns soon!

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