Ruud gets back at his ex-manager

The interesting choice of Ruud Van Nistelrooy jumping into transfer speculations involving Cristiano Ronaldo to Real represents another dynamic in how the media interprets Ronaldo’s choice of club this summer. Ruud’s statement to the media that he would be happy to have Ronaldo aboard at Real signals that he is over the sometime contentious relationship with Ronaldo as they jockeyed for Sir Alex’s affections, with Ruud being supplanted as a Fergie favourite. It culminated in a nasty spat at a training session and involved Ruud mocking Ronaldo and the memory of his father. Sir Alex had seen enough and Ruud was gone having worn out his welcome.
But Ruud has always been a complex and divisive player who elicits strong reactions in team mates as well as opponents. His statements fueling the Ronaldo rumour is also calculated to inflict the maximum tension in Sir Alex as to the future of his best player as a form of vindictive payback. Make no mistake. Man Utd has made it this far on one man. Take away Ronaldo’s contribution and Man Utd would be struggling to make the top ten of the Premiership.

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