Arsenal’s midfield needs to score

Arsenal is still the best team to watch in the Premiership. They outclassed West Ham and were unlucky not winning by at least half dozen goals. Abysmal finishing and Robert Green’s extra-ordinary courage kept them away from the back of the net. West Ham deserves kudos for their pluck. Of course, there are many who put everything by results who will disagree. And who can blame them after watching the Chelsea and Man Utd dogfight going on. At the end we count only the winners.
Arsenal has to do everything now to keep course in finishing fourth to preserve its CL challenge for next season. Bolton has closed the gap with its win against Wigan. With Henry and Van Persie flitting in and out of the team due to injuries, Arsenal is missing some top quality strikers who score consistently. The duo have scored 21 goals. How dominant are they in scoring? The next best tally is 8 by Gilberto, the holding midfielder. In fact, Rosicky, the attacking medio has scored just one goal. The Arsenal midfield total contribution is 16 goals. Their Man Utd counterparts have scored 36. Take out Ronaldo’s 16 and Man U would have still scored more. In comparison Rooney, Saha, and Solsjaer have scored just as many as the Arsenal forwards, i.e., 27.
The Arsenal midfield has been their strength creating chance after chance with their fluid ball movement and anticipation but they have been unable to close out. Cesc, the little maestro, has scored no goals in 30 matches, Rosicky just the one, and Hleb two. Ljungberg and Baptista sidelined by injuries for much of the season have share one goal.
Van Persie is expected back in May, Henry and Walcott in June. The season will be over by then. Arsenal has some tough fixtures coming up with Bolton breathing down their necks, Tottenham, and Chelsea. Looks out for that Chelsea fixture as that might determine the Premiership. Meanwhile, the Arsenal midfield has to get cracking with its scoring.

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  1. Like all gooners, I have little hair left because I’ve pulled so much of it out watching our matches this season, esp. this last month. I think the rate of ulcers among gooners this season has increased to dramatic levels. A lot of gooners are attacking Wenger, saying he’s got to go, he’s ruining the club, he’s too stubborn and rigid, tactically poor, let too many good players go, etc. I’m just at wit’s end. I’m among the most passionate of Wenger supporters but even I’m wavering. None of us sees just where the goals are going to come from for the rest of the season so we can hang onto 4th place. It would be a disaster for the club to lose 4th place. Wenger couldn’t hang onto his players, he couldn’t attract good players, the club would lose money, etc.

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