Rooney in fourth car crash

Rooney in his Aston Martin took a corner on two wheels and one of the wheels came off when he hit a kerb in the process.More on the story of Rooney and the car crash here.
This is apparently the fourth time that he has tried to see if one of his many cars could break the light barrier – the other attempts being as follow below.
In January 2006 he smashed up a Range Rover.
Six months earlier he was ordered to take driver awareness lessons after he crashed a BMW worth £65,000.
And the first and earliest attempt was in November 2004 when he hit a builder’s truck in a Cadillac Escalade.
Perhaps someone should tell him what Woody Allen discovered some time back- mainly that “it is impossible to travel faster than light,and certainly not desirable,as one’s hat keeps blowing off“… .!

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