Who is rooting for a Liverpool vs Milan rematch?

I am. With memories of the most fascinating and enthralling final played in CL history between these two teams in 2005 still fresh, a rematch would be a glorious and fitting finale. Watching a Chelsea vs Man Utd final would be stale fare considering these two are already vying for the Premiership and the FA Cup this year. Deja vu has its limits.
This rematch would see some memorable reunions and some new relationships. Silky smooth Kaka and Seedorf on top of their game take on the never say die Gerrard and cagey Alonso. Milan’s central defense with veterans Nesta and Maldini against Liverpool’s new additions, the high flying tear-aways Kuyt and Bellamy.
Paolo Maldini has appeared in 5 CL finals. A rematch will give him his 6th. At almost 40 years old he has defined his position.
But first Liverpool needs to get over Chelsea and Milan has its work cut out against Man Utd.
Here in all its glory, the 2005 CL final between Liverpool and Milan. Crespo, Maldini, Gerrard, Smicer, Alonso. A despondent Dida, an ecstatic Dudek. The highs and the lows. Once again for good measure.

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