Dunga and the hot potato

Dunga finds himself juggling with the legendary overheated Solanum tuberosum (potato) when faced with the problem of explaining why both Kaka and Ronaldinho are not willing to play in the Copa America…

One comment on “Dunga and the hot potato
  1. I must say I’m pissed off. As a Brazilian, I’m incredibly pissed off! I don’t give a damn how freaking tired they are! Kaka’s and Ronaldinho’s contempt for the Copa America tournament is obvious. Ronaldinho was in the CL winning squad last season and he certainly made no such request for the world cup. I love Kaka, he’s been my #1 favorite player since Zidane retired. But I’m ver disappointed in him. I don’t care about the excuses. I don’t care if the Copa America isn’t as illustrious as the Euro tournament or the CL. It’s despairing how our players go over to Europe and forget all about natinal pride. Let them stay off the squad permanently. We don’t need players like that.

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