Ged Houllier is not going anywhere

Definitely not to the Premiership. There are rumours that Houllier might be considering the Newcastle job. Houllier is reportedly dissatisfied in Lyons and is looking to leave. The only position that he would like to leave Lyons for is to become the technical director of the French soccer federation. Houllier’s strength lies in developing youth players and his stint with player development did more to help France win the 1998 World Cup than anyone else. As a coach he seems to make poorer match and player decisions (Liverpool fans will agree) but his vision for country and club seem to yield benefits in the long run.
Meanwhile there are even more rumours that Houllier and Man Utd’s assistant coach Carlos Quieroz are being tapped for the US coaching job replacing interim coach Bob Bradley.
Houllier’s strength in developing player talent makes him an attractive choice for a technical and player development director and is what the US national team needs right now so that they can reap the benefits for the 2010 World Cup campaign. Sunil Gulati should pursue Houllier’s employment in that role. However I think Bob Bradley should be made permanent as coach. He seems to be producing results.

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