It is curtains for Mehmet Scholl

The best player in Germany never to play for the national team in the World Cup took his bow after 15 illustrous seasons with Bayern Munich. Mehmet Scholl won a record 8 titles with Bayern playing 392 matches and scoring 88 goals. Scholl on the strength of his performances would have been a shoo-in for the World cup squads in 1994, 1998, and 2002 but was overlooked and also suffered a number of injuries that limited his chances. In 2006, an online petition for Scholl’s inclusion to the squad gathered thousands of signatures but ultimately Klinsmann went in for youth. Scholl played his last match today against FSV Mainz and scored a vintage goal in a 5-2 Bayern win.
Scholl does not have any concrete plans for the future. There is some talk of him joining the Bayern staff. However he says “‘I’m going – and I’m going happily.”

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4 comments on “It is curtains for Mehmet Scholl
  1. Seems there may be a hint of racism in not choosing him for the national team. A player from Germany who is of Turkish blood must be doubly good to get on the team…

  2. Rihan, I think there is an element of truth to that. There is a player, Nuri Sahin, of Turkish descent, very talented who because his parents have not been given citizenship even after spending more than 25 years in Germany is threatening to play for Turkey. The naturalization laws in Germany are very tough on the Turkish. But this threat might make the German authorities give him citizenship.
    Tom, he did play for the national team, 38 caps I think, and was on their ’96 Euro winning team. But he never played in the biggest event, the World Cup.

  3. Sorry Rihan, but this is total nonsense. As Shourin pointed out Mehmet Scholl did play a lot of games for the German national team and won the European Championship in 1996. He was NEVER seen as Turkish or foreign in Germany and was a very popular player and person (also due to his sense of humor). That he did not get to play in the world cup was due to injuries and the decisions of the team managers (in Klinsmann’s case).

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