Mourinho is orchestrating his own exit

The Special One is now in the midst of lobbing verbal Molotov cocktails at Sir Alex and his prodigal son, Cristiano Ronaldo. Can you believe a coach who never throws caution to the wind when it comes to soccer doing so with his words? I have a feeling Mourinho is deliberately painting himself into a corner and when he does leave Stamford Bridge, can claim that the climate around him was so vitiated that he had no recourse but to flee to Real or to the next big European club.
Mourinho has no friends left. Friendship might be too much to ask for in the Premiership but cordiality and lip service well wishing amongst peers is usually the norm. But at this stage Sir Alex, Rafa, or Wenger may not even grant Mourinho that cushion. He has been uncharitable to all of them. Mourinho has been especially vituperative towards Ronaldo branding him a liar and then following up with “Maybe it’s about a difficult childhood, no education.” The statement can be read as a proxy on Sir Alex’s own working class origins.
Shame on Mourinho for saying that. Soccer is a game that defies classist stereotypes. So many of Brazil’s great players made it out of the favelas to add to their country’s great tradition in soccer. They are not the scholar athletes found in Team USA but they play the game better and with as much integrity.
Chelsea did not endear itself to the English after Abramovich bestowed it with his limitless cash and Mourinho has not helped in mitigating that image with his arrogance, a strange phenomena for a PR savvy guy like Roman Abramovich, who takes his public persona very seriously. I would imagine these Mourinho statements are not flying too well with the governor of Chukotka and a friend of both Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin.

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One comment on “Mourinho is orchestrating his own exit
  1. well said, the guy’s an obnoxious ass. Wenger and Ferguson are no saints but I’ve yet to see either of them hurl personal insults at a player (beyond their performance on the pitch) or insult clubs and managers the way Mourinho did Liverpool. Wenger once called RVN a “cheat” and was fined 15K for it, that’s it.

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