Rabona goals made to look easy

Rabona is a move in which a shot, pass or cross is performed by moving one leg behind the other (the one taking the player’s weight) and kicking the ball forwards with the first – effectively with one’s legs crossed.Andres Vasquez shows how to score a goal with a rabona without getting yourself tied up in a knot.The game was between his team Orebro and IFK Gothenburg in Sweden.

…and if that wasn’t enough you can see another rabona goal made to look easy here….– this time scored with the other foot.
Correction: Andres Vasquez plays for IFK Gothenburg, not Orebro as many readers have pointed out.

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10 comments on “Rabona goals made to look easy
  1. Wonderful goal, but I have to clearify that Andres Vasquez plays for IFK Gothenburg not Orebro as written in the text.

  2. Does Gothenburg still play @ Ullevi stadium? Fun place to watch a match. I’ve been there a couple times when I participated in the Gothia Cup.

  3. Yes they do this season and also next one. After that a new stadium will take place!
    What a great goal. Nothing beats that!

  4. Zach// Yes, they do. Or acctualy they just moved back to that nasty bunker for two years whilest a new arena is built.

  5. Andres Vasquez is Peruvian and is going to play for the national team he is only 19 years of age and already a remarkable talent

  6. He’s born in Peru, but he’s Swedish. He will not play for Peru, he has stated that he’s Swedish and nothing else.

  7. I just saw this goal for the first time today. What an amazing goal! IFK going anywhere this season?

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