Ronaldo vs Kaka: A Musical comparision

With Chelsea out of the way the game between AC Milan and Manchester United will determine whether it is going to be an all English final or not.Richard Williams of the Guardian had written an interesting comparision of the glittering talents of Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo after the first leg of the Champion’s League semifinal between the two teams.
“He and Kaka are the sort of players who prompt comparisons with other forms of art. Music, most obviously. Ronaldo’s mode is allegro molto vivace, with a pronounced fondness for bursts of staccato phrasing via those quick-stepping feet, his unorthodoxy extending to the fearless introduction of techniques that others might unveil only in rehearsal, for the amusement of their colleagues. Kaka plays at a permanent andante cantabile, with a sweetly flowing grace, his devastating sprint a thing of seemingly unhurried beauty, his body swaying as one change of direction blends seamlessly into another.”
For those among us who are not that up to date with the terminology of classical music here first is a sample of the music that represents Ronaldo…..

And a bit of the music that represents Kaka can be heard here or here
The rest of his article can be read here….

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