Is Anelka coming back to Arsenal?

A replacement for Thierry Henry is now on the frontburner.
Nicholas Anelka has been a long standing admirer of Arsene Wenger and has publicly expressed his desire to play for Arsenal again. This was after his transfer to Bolton. There are reports that Wenger is preparing a deal to bring him back.
Anelka was also linked to a move to Man Utd and at that time I had written why I thought this would be a wrong move. Some readers wrote that Anelka had matured and no longer has the “Le Sulk” persona. I agree that we are seeing a different Anelka. We have never doubted his talent and if he does comeback to Arsenal then we may see the best of Anelka yet. Of course, Wenger will still have to keep him in check and to expect the young Arsenal squad to perform that task when they themselves are in need of hand holding, would be too much. Much of Anelka’s preparation to play will take place in the locker room.
Other candidates mentioned are Klaas Jan Huntelaar, Ryan Babel, Fernando Torres, and David Trezeguet.
If one were to go with a sense of history then Arsene would prefer the Dutchmen. But even purely on merit, Huntelaar and Babel are proven goalscorers on both club and the national level. Babel has impressed in the U-21 Netherlands squad up front with Maceo Ritgers. He has also expressed his desire to play for Arsenal and counts RVP amongst his friends. Huntelaar became the top goalscorer in the Eredivisie this season playing for Ajax. In 48 matches he has scored an impressive 37 goals. He brings more experience than Babel. Both will step up Arsenal’s attack immensely. If the choice is between the two, then Wenger should go for Babel. He is lightning quick, stretches out the game wide on the left, has a wicked right foot, and is great off the air too. He would also fit better in Arsenal’s passing game.
Fernando Torres and David Trezeguet are longer shots. Torres is believed to be content playing in the Liga and his coming to Arsenal may lead to a Reyes type situation. We really don’t need another expensive signing ending up homesick, pining for paella and Almodovar. Trezeguet is a bit like Henry, getting older and prone to injuries, but a lot less effective. His last big moment was in the 2006 World Cup when his flubbed penalty kick gave Italy the title. He is unhappy at Juve and is looking for a transfer.

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5 comments on “Is Anelka coming back to Arsenal?
  1. I think the spurs fans are going mental thinking that we are as bad as them LOLOL.
    would love to see huntlaar as he is a machine, untested at the prem level, but a machine none the less.
    watched babel, he would fit in seemlessly but he plays so deep i can see another player in our team that wants to pass 20 yrds out, where as huntlaar is a ruud think only of himself type. best situation is of course to sign them both. and like you said because of the fact they are not spainish they wont need to aclimitize etc.

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