3 comments on “Video: Herbert Fandel attacked by a hoodlum
  1. First off; if Shourin Roy believes the Sweden/Denmark game was rightfully cancelled; then surely, Egypt was wronged by their match over the weekend too versus Mauritania ( http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/africa/6721085.stm ).
    My isn’t this just one more bad incident in Africa this weekend.
    I would truly think, the Poulsen and fan incident in Copenhagen is one of those incidences that are ugly but not all that rare.
    While what happened in Zambia is truly a tragedy and when one notes the other incidences in Africa last weekend, for example, Burundi playing their game in Rwanda because their home pitch and stadium was not deemed satisfactory, a bit of a fan crush too reported at the Uganda/Nigeria game also, though without ill consequences and of course, the sad helicopter crash in Sierra Leone; I fear for the immediate future of the African game yet we are seeing a lot written about this in the western media. I’ve got to think it is in a state of crisis but perhaps I am being premature in my opinions.
    The next round of games of African Nations Cup qualifiers are in about 10 days.
    In Europe; an ugly incident; yes, but in the other continent, a tragedy of large proportions.
    Yet, that is not to say, there is also good to be found, South Africa routed their opponents, a shock draw with Eritrea vs. Angola and shock wins with Ethiopia over DR Congo and Uganda over Nigeria, the latter who may be vying to become the England of Africa at this pace.

  2. Another thought crossed my mind;
    Wasn’t it thought by some that Denmark and Sweden conspired to a tye in the last Euro-Cup to deny Italy? And my gosh, if Totti was socked in this fashion playing against the National Team of Denmark, he might have had a right to a response.
    This “Scandinavian Brothers” rivalry is a great one and this was a great game until this ugly occurrence.

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