Ashley Cole: Not the brightest spark

“We’re confident in ourselves that we can get a good run together and get the wins that we need and hopefully qualify for the World Cup.”
Ashley Cole speaking to ESPN Press Pass in LA. Which competition are England trying to qualify for at the moment?
No wonder England is having a tough time at the Euro. Its all the same. Its some qualifier.
Some other gems:
“He’s got two legs and two arms just like everybody else.”
LA Galaxy supremo Alexei Lalas makes some startling observations about Beckham.
Nope. You can never accuse Lalas of being a rocket scientist.
“99% of the letters and e-mails are supporting us and that’s not bad. That’s as good as Saddam Hussein did and he was fiddling the figures.”
Ken Bates after winning his battle to retain control at Leeds.
Arsene gets one in: “Despite the global warming, England is still not warm enough for him.”
Arsene Wenger on the reasons it is likely Jose Reyes will leave Arsenal for sunny Spain.
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