Blades are officially relegated

Sheffield Utd lost its appeal to dock points from West Ham on the Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano transfer which would help them get back to the Premiership. They also lost their appeal to de-register Carlos Tevez.
I think the way Carlos Tevez and West Ham responded to the danger of sure relegation and played magnificently down the stretch to stave off relegation played a huge part in this. This coupled with the record 5.5 million pound fine probably swayed the arbitration committee in deciding that West Ham had earned their spot in the Premiership and been punished suitably for their transfer malfeasance.
Juve’s Claudio Rainieri, does not want his former player Frank Lampard, as the club is full in midfield. Lampard is dissatisfied with the Chelsea deal which reportedly gives him 131,000 pounds a week. When someone like John Terry, the heart and the soul of the defense, and Arjen Robben, one of Chelsea’s super subs have been told that 100,000 pounds is an inflated salary for them and in terms of leadership and skill, are leagues above Lampard, then you know that soccer economics are seriously screwed. He will stay because I don’t see him fit into the way Barca, the other club interested in him, plays.

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  1. WHU may have played well down the stretch; but at times, during the year, unbelievably bad, Charlton climbed on top of them even. This may be an equitable solution; but the whole problem and answer was not clear at all.

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