Copa America: Colombia beats USA, 1-0

Three appearances, three losses as Jaime Castrillon headed the ball home to give Colombia its first win in the Copa. This is a tournament that the first squad should have played because we know they can do it at the CONCACAF but can they do at this level? Bob Bradley and US soccer wasted a valuable opportunity. Brad Guzan acquitted himself well in goal and could be a good understudy to Tim Howard.

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4 comments on “Copa America: Colombia beats USA, 1-0
  1. I agree. I was looking forward to seeing the first team get out there.
    But I guess the US accepted the invitation as a stipulation set by one of the coaches approached for the job Bradley took. Things fell through with that coach and Bradley was stuck with an accepted invitation for a tournament he wasn’t prepared for.
    A handful of our A-Team players have to rest up for training with their European clubs.
    Stuck wondering what could’ve been.
    *Sidenote: Good call on Justin Mapp. He accounted better for himself after the Argentina match. I think the Argentinian pace was a little too much for him to get comfortable with the first time around.

  2. The main problem with American soccer, as Bob Bradley has proven, is a lack of coaching. Bradley obviously does not understand international soccer. I agree that a coach should develop new players, but they should be worked into a core group of experienced players. Who knows how good some of thee players might be if they had experience around them, or how well they would blend in? Bradley has done a disservice to the fans, players and soccer in general, by fielding such an inexperienced team in any type of tournament. Gulati probably needs to accept the blame for making a poor choice in coaches.

  3. CONMEBOL is supposedly upset at the USA for fielding such a weak team (soccerway), will the US be invited back to such a tournament?
    Though the US won the Gold Cup; now here is Mexico looking like one of the best teams in the tournament with a good chance to win it.

  4. This was one of the worst display of football by both teams I’ve seen in a long long time. Both teams appeared incapable of doing simple things such as passing and clearing the ball. Both teams appeared to be playing for a draw, apparently reclaiming their pride was no longer an option at the end of this awful game. Lee Nguyen showed sparks of footballistic ability at the end of the game and great hustle to prevent a 2nd gol.

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