Did Mourinho’s not signing Alex cost Chelsea the title?

Simon Kuper thinks so. Alex would have been a better bet than dud Khalid Bouhalrouz. Anyways, now that Mourinho has signed him this season we shall soon get to test this theory.
We did see Alex in the Copa swat Messi off his stride and render Riquelme ineffectual. So is Alex ready to become the Premiership’s best central defender as many believe?
Milan’s manager Carlo Ancelotti named him his favourite centre-back, Holland’s manager Marco van Basten picked him for his world eleven and, after PSV overcame Arsenal in March, Arsenal’s manager Arsène Wenger said: “He kept their defence tight, saved them every time and dominated our players in the air easily.”
Not since Roberto Carlos has a Brazilian defender earned such accolades. However Brazilian defenders invariably remain under the radar which is why Alex has not been rated by the English sports pundits. Jose Mourinho may not give him too many starting minutes with a line up that includes the Premiership’s two best central defenders in Ricardo Carvalho and John Terry. Alex will have to earn his place the hard way and maximize his limited appearances.

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One comment on “Did Mourinho’s not signing Alex cost Chelsea the title?
  1. Thats right,Alex has been in great form ever since,i wish he will come and add to Chelsea defense,he is a great player with a spirit to fight.

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