Keith Edelman: Arsenal is not for sale

Clear and concise words from Keith Edelman, Arsenal’s managing director:
“I just want to make sure that fans really do understand that if a billionaire buys any club in the country, it doesn’t automatically mean that they’re going to have success or be able to invest further sums in the squads.”
In other words. Keep your hands off the till, Stan Kroenke and Bernie Ecclestone.
Correction: It is Keith Edelman, not Ken. Thanks, Ralph.

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4 comments on “Keith Edelman: Arsenal is not for sale
  1. he has no choice. he doesn’t have any shares. and he knows he will be the first one fired. how do you justify a 1m a year salary when you have never been to a fifa meeting?

  2. Who is this Ken Edelman?
    Just wondering if he was related to the MD of Arsenal, KEITH Edelman.
    Maybe you should read what you’re linking to a little better in future.

  3. I wish the board would hold a press conference and say that they do not want any billionaie’s investment and they are happy with things as they are, and put all this crap to bed for good

  4. DT, the board have said they are not going to sell out and have entered into an agreement not to sell.

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