Materazzi takes butt to court

Marco Materazzi is taking legal action against three newspapers over the way in which they reported the headbutt saga in their newspapers.The newspapers that are facing his wrath are the Sun, the Daily Mail and the Daily Star – all of whom are supposed to have misreported what he actually said to Zidane – thus bringing dishonour to his name and forcing him to take time off from the game to write a book.

2 comments on “Materazzi takes butt to court
  1. I’m sure the British tabs got it wrong but then surely he didn’t tell the full story.
    Surely FIFA didn’t give him a two match ban for the words “I’d rather have your sister.”
    The man is trying to cash in as much as possible with that headbutt. That’s why he came out so badly.
    Zidane discussed it briefly on TV just to try and close the story. He never repeated, or even tried to repeat what was said.
    Materazzi came out with a book. How cheap.

  2. Another possible motive for this lawsuit; could also be if Materazzi is going back to the Premiere League (The Spurs); he might see this as a matter that needs to be clarified.

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