Oye! Man U looks to getting scary with Tevez

With Carlos Tevez in Man Utd as proclaimed, every other club might just as well throw in the towel. Tevez is on his way to Old Trafford on a two year loan with an option to extend it to three years. This is a complicated arrangement as MSI the third party and officially the retainer of Tevez’s rights wants to negotiate the transfer.
Except that the Premier League believes that West Ham tore up that contract and rendered it null and void, in effect, giving the Hammers control over Tevez. However, MSI does not believe that is the case and that the Hammers did this to expedite Tevez’s participation against Wigan in a relegation showdown. Just when MSI believes it has the bargaining rights the PL steps in and says that West Ham should get a fat fee from everything that MSI makes off the transfer. This could be up to 6million pounds which means that West Ham can break even with the fine that they have had to pay. But the Blades are now in High Court saying that the 5.5 m pounds is a slap on the wrist and that Tevez should be back in a Corinthian shirt.
So the long and the short of it, Tevez would be back with the Corinthians but those guys hate his guts for splitting to the English shores, and anyways his family was getting death threats for playing lousy last season, so he will go back to Boca. Only that Boca has Rodrigo Palacio and Riquelme and between the two of them they have won every title there is this year in South American soccer, so they don’t need him. Man U, Inter, and Real would love to have him but since they have invited every soccer player with legs to audition as striker including Evo Morales, he will be 2567th on the roster. But Tevez sees himself having a role in European soccer, which would mean that being the above mentioned number is inimical to his goals, he would then decide to stay on with West Ham.
Great! But West Ham maybe relegated to the championship after the High Court decides that seeing Neil Warnock throwing a fit is a heavy price to pay, especially after he threatens to commute their lives, in many interesting ways, all to be found on YouTube under the exploding judges tag. Tevez then might be traded to the newly promoted Blades because the Hammers have spent 512m pounds on Jermaine Defoe and are now -1056m pounds in liquidation with the maintenance man screaming for his back pay. Since Neil Warnock and Blades throw up every time they see that highlight reel of Tevez scoring The Goal That Spelled Doom, they would want very little to do with him. Plus, they now have Billy Sharp to lead them out of the Premier League.
Tevez to Scunthorpe Utd for the maintenance man’s wages of 12,000 quid!

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  1. Dude barcelona is the scariest team in europe especially if they sign a semi competent central defender as proposed milito or chivu

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