Sepp Blatter shows some Love

According to Sepp Blatter, the best players in the Copa America are Leo Messi and Vagner Love. Vagner Love?? Blatter says Love is better than Robinho and is one of the finds of the tournament.
Let me say this. I am glad that Sepp Blatter was never a manager of a club and he can practice his ineptitude at FIFA. He would never recognize talent if it came up and wrapped its arms around him and tongued his ear.
I have tagged this entry under Soccer Humour.

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2 comments on “Sepp Blatter shows some Love
  1. No doubt, humor is exactly what that is. When I first read the comment I thought to myself “SEPP, Are u f*ckin kiddin me?!?!!”. Where is Joao Havelange(Sepp’s Predecessor @ FIFA) when we need him?

  2. Your assertion may well be correct, but if one watched a Spanish telecast of the game, it was amazing how often that name came up; and maybe a native English speaker might pick up on the pronunciation too.
    We’ll see in the next game; though, I think it is clear, Argentina is a powerhouse and I’d predict they would win by 2 goals.

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