Torres wants a new deal: Can Liverpool afford his greed?

A new wrinkle in the Fernando Torres deal. Just when Rafa Benitez had all but wrapped up the deal that would see Torres land up at Anfield on a £27m transfer there are now reports that Torres wants a 6 year contract worth £31.2 m pounds which would see him earn more than £100,000 a week. It seems Inter is ready to match that offer. His agent is now holding out for more money and using the Inter offer as bait. If I were a Liverpool fan, I would show him the door. Torres is simply not worth it and he has shown that money and not playing for the club, is his primary motivation.
I don’t think Tom Hicks, as co-owner of the Texas Rangers who has already had the dubious distinction of pouring almost $250m (£125 m) into Alex Rodriguez’s salary, in what is widely known as the most expensive bust in sporting history, wants to willingly go down that route again. Hicks might have a reputation of acquiring over priced players who never pan out but his partner George Gillette has built his teams through careful investments in players like he did with the Montreal Canadiens. Then again, Atletico Madrid benefits from getting Diego Forlan on a £14 m transfer from Villareal and Luis Garcia on £4 m and they still have £9m pounds left from the Torres deal. Atletico fans unhappy with the Torres deal will probably realize that their club has come out quite well in all of this.
Torres will land up in Anfield after the wage holdout has been resolved in his favour but his transfer circumstances leave a sour taste in the mouth.

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  1. FERNANDO TORRES may be on the verge of becoming the most expensive signing in Liverpool’s history, but the Spain striker will take a pay cut to hasten his move to Anfield.
    Torres has also indicated that he is prepared to cut short his holiday to sign for Liverpool this week, but, failing that, the Atletico Madrid forward will fly to Merseyside to sign what is expected to be a five-year contract worth about £90,000-a-week (€130,000 approx) when he returns from the Polynesian Islands in seven days’ time.

  2. Liverpool should accept that Inter have matched them and are offering better personal terms to Torres.
    Its up to Torres as Atletico said not Liverpool where Torres decides to play. Inter Milan have their Adriano replacement!

  3. This is a well written article. I too dislike the idea that after all is said and done, another battle should loom over terms. It is partly Liverpool’s fault- as negotiators we have no clout whatsoever compared to our rivals, beyond history, and high wages.
    I particularly like the detail you provide re Hicks’ past experience with overpaid baseballers, and how he’ll not trod that path again.
    If the move is derailed over personal terms than so be it. Milito and others will present themselves, even if they are considerably lower profile targets, or Tevez may then be courted.

  4. Alex Rodriguez may be overpaid but no one in America realistically calls him a bust. Over the life of his insanely high paying 10 year contract, he put together 3 of the best seasons ever at the shortstop position (in his worst one, he won the league’s most valuable player) with the Texas Rangers. When he moved to the Yankees he had two average to decent seasons, one MVP-winning season and this year has possibly a third most valuable player award won with an incredible season so far. Hardly disappointing.
    Now is anyone worth 25 million a year in baseball? I doubt it but there’s not much doubt if there is someone who is, it is him.*
    *assuming one doesn’t believe Mr. Bonds’ performances are all natural.

  5. If Liverpool want the worlds top players they need to pay the going rate. £100k a week will be worth it if he scores the goals that bring us the title. I don’t think a man who takes a pay cut to take another job is greedy, do you?

  6. V
    Alex R’s performances are hardly disappointing when it comes to the regular season. Its the playoffs where he fails. You don’t pay that much money for someone to not get you the title. Bottomline, the Yankees have not won the World Series since he came over.

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