Video: Arsenal’s new signing: Eduardo Da Silva

The first thing you notice is Da Silva’s talent for being at the right place at the right time. Impeccable goalscoring instincts. He is not a tall guy but he seems to score a number of goals through headers timing his jumps beautifully. His penalty kicks are executed coolly and calmly which shows that he plays well beyond his age. I am very excited about the potential for him and Cesc to link up.
He needs to get some new shades though. The ones he is wearing are an eyesore.

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10 comments on “Video: Arsenal’s new signing: Eduardo Da Silva
  1. Is he quick? Does he have any pace? Heart? Strength? If not, he is a waste of time like Suker before him!

  2. I’ve gotta say – the boy looks special. Le Boss has done it again. Eduardo and Van P together could cause a few problems for Prem defences this season. Provided he gets a bit of bonding, and a good pre-season, we could well be in for a treat this season. Enjoy.

  3. oh trust me, he will have plenty of cash to shop for shades when he receives his first paycheck. just hope that he will develop himself in arsenal and learn to be grateful when he’s eventually a worldclass player.

  4. Being an arsenal die hard for the first time wenger has made a global move.keep it because the arrival of Eduardo the void is filled.

  5. Who spouted that rubbish about is he fast, Davor Suker, blah, blah, blah. Yes, he is quite fast, he has some good feet aswell, he’s skillful aswell. Even if he wasn’t fast, have you ever heard of ruud Van Nistelrooy? Waste of space my backside, stfu. This is a great buy, the lack of excitement shown by some arsenal fans is acceptable because is fairly unknown, but slating him/wenger for it is idiotic.

  6. This is the guy!Davor suker has nothing on ‘dudu’he’s just what we’ve been missing!A no joke man infront of goal.Kinda like rud boy but much much much better!I mean quick,great movements off the ball,super footwork…….the list is endless.Imagining him,van persie and fabregass is just AMAIZING!cant wait to demolish CHELSKI!

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